• Burn Notice (Season 2)
  • Television

  • Commentary

    All composers who come to Hollywood and hope to thrive in the film and TV industry look forward to taking on those projects that are artistically rewarding, successful, and visible in their own right. They look for growth experiences both musically and professionally. Burn Notice has been all of those things for me.

    I’ve been working with Burn Notice creator Matt Nix since our first short film, First Prince, in 1999. Burn Notice is our first television collaboration and has proved to be a real winner.

    The music needs of the show can vary widely each week from techno-flavored chases to Latin bumpers to lighthearted gadget cues to full-on orchestral action moments that combine a little of everything. The characters are vibrant and fun to write for (what a cast!). Having so much music to compose and produce each week is a great workout.

    I’ve composed over 650 cues for the show in two seasons, and it’s hard to choose what to play here. So for now, here’s a sampling of some of the different vibes on the show. Please keep an eye out for the upcoming Score soundtrack!