• Lost Colony
  • Film

  • Commentary

    This was my second collaboration with producer Mark Lester and my first with director Matt Codd. I liked the 1580’s setting and the Native American presence in the story. Both led to some interesting orchestrational requirements that are out of the norm for sci-fi fare.  I had also just made some major hardware and library upgrades and was ready to dig into all the new sonic possibilities that always brings.

    This is the most recent of the sci-fi projects I’ve written for (2007). I’ve done a LOT of them, many of which are not covered on my site. I love sci-fi because even the smaller films often aspire to “largeness” both in their subject matter and in their visual style. Many of my favorite scores and indeed the best scores of all time were written for this genre.  It can allow the composer to really stretch himself and try new things…other than just boom boom boom shriek bang!